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Our Activities

Medical Spanish: BLHO at Cornell is responsible for organizing the medical Spanishprogram for first year medical students in an attempt to provide our classmates with the foundations of medical Spanish.

Charlas (Spanish Speaking Lunches): These are given in conjunction with the medical Spanish course to solidify material learned.

medMentors Program:

Phase 1: A mentoring/lecture program aimed at introducing high school students to the medical profession. Every month beginning in December we will be visiting New York City Public schools to give lectures on the field of medicine and how to achieve the dream of becoming a doctor.

Phase 2: Recruitment of Latino medical students at Weill-Cornell by providing services such as mock interviews, pre-interview information, and revisions in the medical school applications.

Phase 3: Advising by upperclassman regarding courses that will be taken by underclassmen. medical students.

Latino Cultural Activities: Maintain cohesiveness within the club members and incorporation of non-latino medical students in cultural activities.

Assist with Summer Programs for Minority Students: See link above

Speakers and Lunch Lectures: Aimed to increase awareness of Latino health related issues in the Cornell community.

Healthy People Community Health Fair: Annual health fair organized by the BLHO/SNMA chapters of Weill-Cornell.

Conferences and Pre-Med Conferences: BLHO actively participates in the Minority recruitment weekend and premedical conferences provided by Cornell to its prospective and incoming students.